Historical Violation Imports

You can easily bulk-import violations if you have prior violation history for properties that you'd like to be in HOALife. This processes requires highly structured and accurate data.

Compiling your data

To get started, compile the list of violations you'd like to import in your spreadsheet application (Excel, Pages.app, Google Sheets, etc.). You will need to then adapt each row to match the required property_id , ccr_article , violation_type , and violation_date , with an optional comment column.

Find an example CSV here.

The first row must be the header row, with subsequent rows containing violation data. The file must be saved as a CSV. The header rows must match the example CSV exactly, including letter case and underscores. The violation_date column must be formatted as DD/MM/YYYY.

Importing your CSV

Switch to the relevant association, navigate to Violations, and select Import Violations. Select your CSV file and click Import to start the process. 

Your CSV will be analyzed and validated for format and accuracy. If there are any errors in your CSV file, they'll be highlighted (including the row containing the invalid data) and the import will be halted. 100% of the data must be valid for any of your violations to be imported. There is no harm in re-attempting the import multiple times to highlight invalid data.

If your data is valid, the import will begin generating HOALife violations. This process may take some time depending on the number of violations you'll be importing.

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