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Want to inspect common area elements (Assets), note things that are wrong (Deficiencies), and track the repairs (Work Orders)? HOALife has you covered!

What are Assets?

Assets in HOALife are the common area elements within an association, such as playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, clubhouses, and entry monuments. Such Assets are also referred to as "components" by association managers and reserve study providers. During the course of a neighborhood violation inspection, you may also want to note issues with Assets that are observed (Deficiencies).

HOALife takes a flexible approach to entering, inspecting, and managing Assets.

To create an Asset:

  1. Click on the Assets link in the top menu of the dashboard.
  2. Click + Add to enter a new Asset.
  3. Enter a name for your Asset in the Description field. You can be as basic or descriptive as you like. A simple "Entry Sign" may be fine for a small association, or you may want to enter something like "South Main Street Entry Sign" if there are multiple entry signs.
  4. Next, you will adjust the pin location to the desired location. The initial pin location will be in the center of the association. Drag and drop the pin to the location of the Asset.
  5. Click the Create Asset button at the bottom right.
  6. created an Asset! All Assets within an association will be added to a single route leg in the Inspector App. You will find created Assets under the Assets link in the top menu of the dashboard. You can edit or destroy an Asset as needed.

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