Escalated Violations

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Most associations impose repercussions for repeated violations once a specified threshold has been reached. This may be something such as a board hearing, fine, or other variable process.

HOALife supports promoting a violation into an escalated state once the repeat violation has been recorded a specified number of times.

Escalation Threshold: A customizable limit which triggers repeat violation escalation.

Once an violation has been escalated, any processes the association implements is expected to be handled out-of-system. Escalations do provide a note feature for tracking the current state of that out-of-system process. Once an escalation has been resolved, the escalation should be marked as resolved.


Once escalations are enabled, there are a number of changes in the violation flow.

  • Once the escalation threshold has been met, the violation will be escalated. In-process escalations are highlighted on the dashboard, while all escalations are visible on their property's respective page.
  • Violation notices and cover letters will not be generated for the violation which triggers escalation.
  • ┬áViolations of the escalated type will no longer be permitted to be entered for subsequent inspections until the escalation is marked as resolved.

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