Dynamic Variables in Letter Templates and Violation Notices

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The Letter Template Editor interface supports inserting dynamic variables into the editable fields of the letter, allowing you to generate highly customized violation notices.

What is a dynamic variable?

A dynamic variable is a way to indicate that, when a Letter or Violation Notice is generated, information specific to that specific violation should be inserted into the letter. An example this might be in the salutation of your letter. Instead of a generic "Dear Property Owner", you might replace the "Property Owner" portion of the text with the Property Owner Name dynamic variable.

When the Letter is generated for Property Owner John Smith, the letter's salutation would then be "Dear John Smith".

Inserting a dynamic variable

Place the cursor where you want the dynamic variable to be inserted. Click the Dynamic Variable button (< >) and select the variable you'd like to insert.

Fallback Text

Some dynamic variables require specifying Fallback Text. This is required for dynamic variables which may have missing data for a specific Letter or Violation Notice. The Fallback Text will be inserted only when there is no value present to represent the dynamic variable.

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