Bulk Letters

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Bulk Letters are free form letters used to communicate in a one-off fashion with many property owners at once. Uses cases might include sending out community newsletters or official updates/ballots/meeting minutes. Bulk Letters can be used to communicate with your entire community or a subsection of property owners.

Bulk Letters should not be confused with Violation Notices or Escalation Letters. Bulk Letters generate Individual Property Letters as output.

Customize the Letter with Dynamic Variables. Utilize a Property Letter Template as a starting point or start with a blank canvas. Attach PDFs generated in different systems to be appended to the letter.

Bulk Letters are sent via our No Touch Mail service only. Bulk Letters are only sent to the primary mailing address for a property. If you'd like to send letters via another method or to a non-primary mailing address, try Individual Property Letters instead. You can also use our Mailing Labels Feature to assist with a manual mailing.

Once you've Delivered a Letter, there is no recalling or preventing the delivery. Be careful when testing this feature as you have the potential to send the letter to all the properties in the association.


  1. Properties > Communications > Letters. Click New Letter.
  2. Add a Description for the Letter.
  3. Select the Property Letter Template to base the Letter off of. Selecting "None" will result in a blank canvas.
  4. Customize the Letter, attach any PDFs you'd like to be appended to the Letter, and click Save.
  5. Optionally, filter the Properties you'd like to send the Letter to.
  6. Deliver the Letter.

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