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Property Letter Templates are a starting point when drafting an Property Letter. Use them as a jump-start to require minimal tweaking or utilize Dynamic Variables to automate even more of the customization!

Organizational Accounts

An Organizational Account is an account which manages many associations. If you utilize generic templates across all of your associations, you only need to manage one set of Property Letters. This single set of Property Letters will be utilized by all associations within your organization which have not added their own. We recommend this method, utilizing Dynamic Variables to add per-assocation/escalation/property customization. If a given association requires customization, those modifications can be made on a per-association basis (see Association Accounts below).

Access your Organizational Account's Letter Templates by navigating to the menu option in the top right of the dashboard.

Association Accounts

Addition of Letter Templates on a per-Association basis is supported for all Association Accounts. A Letter Template added to at the Association level will only be available for that association.

Access your Association Account's Letter Templates by switching to the Association in question and navigating to the menu option in the top left of the dashboard.

Layout and Format

Letter Templates are strictly formatted to fit perfectly inside a #10 Blank Double-Window Envelope, with the return address and property address automatically inserted for you.


There are three editable fields where you can any content you'd like, as long as it stays within the bounding box of the field.

  1. A single line above the Return Address
  2. To the right of the Addresses, above the first envelope fold
  3. Below the first envelope fold to the bottom of the page

Each field supports rich text (Bold, Underline, etc), images (add your logo!), and Dynamic Variables to customize the notice based on the property/escalation/association. The body of the Letter Template may safely overflow to subsequent pages if enough content is included.

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