Importing Property Lists

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What is a property list?

Property lists contain address information for all the property locations within a given association. These lists, usually in a spreadsheet file format, allow you to import all of your property data into our system with a single click.

How is a property list used?

HOALife's system creates property entries within your subdivision so that they can be tracked and inspected. This includes grouping the properties together by street and determining the exact position of each property.

When do I need to import a property list?

Importing property lists typically only happens once at the time of your association's account setup. 

If your subdivision is undergoing active development, you can import your entire updated list again in the future -- existing entries will be ignored and new properties will be added.

Who can import property lists?

Any user who has Owner, Admin, or Editor permissions can import a property list at any time.

Where do I get a property list?

Property lists are typically generated by any existing software you're using to keep track of your properties. This could be an account application or a spreadsheet you manually maintain.


Learn more about the format of property lists in the Property List Format article. 

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