Property Conversations

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Property Conversations

Property Conversations are two-way email communications within the HOALife dashboard sent on your behalf. These conversations are a way to handle out-of-cycle communication with a property owner which may not fit into an existing process.

These emails are sent from the HOALife system with a special email address that directs replies back to HOALife where they will be displayed.

Property Conversations provide four distinct advantages over sending emails from your personal email client.

  1. Emails are stored with the property, making historical reference easy.
  2. Emails are sent from HOALife, not from your personal email address. This means that the property owner does not know exactly who the author of the email is (unless you chose to disclose your identity). This is useful for handling delicate communications where you may be concerned about reprisals.
  3. Emails are visible and may be replied to by any other users of the dashboard which have adequate permission to do so. This is great for communities where duties are not handled exclusively by one person.
  4. No juggling email addresses to find the right contact. Valid email addresses are right there in HOALife's property information.
There are two requirements that must be fullfilled prior to using Property Conversations: 1) Email mailing must be turned on 2) Properties must have an email address on file. Contact for more help.

Starting a Conversation

You'll probably want to be notified when a property owner responds to a conversation. Make sure to enable Conversation Message Received in your notification settings.
  1. Navigate to the property you'd like to communicate with.
  2. Scroll down to Conversations, select Start Conversation.
  3. Enter the subject and the body of the email. Rich text and attachments are supported. Images will be displayed in-line.
  4. Hit Send Message to send the email.
  5. Receive and send addtional responses, directly in the conversation.

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