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HOALife provides notifications for actions you, others, or the system take that changes data in meaningful way. The notifications can be displayed in the web UI only, or via email, depending on your preference. Modify your notification settings here.

Notification Methods

You may consider some notifications to be a high priority, while others might be lower priority or not important to you at all. You can configure what messages you'd like to be notified of on a per event type basis.

Per Event Email

Receive an email to your inbox every time the event happens, as soon as possible

Daily Digest Email

Every morning, receive a single email with all of the prior day's notifications

Weekly Digest Email

Every week, receive a single email with all of the prior week's notifications


Display the notification in the web UI immediately

Notification Types

Notification Type


Inspection Violation Created

Represents a new violation has successfully been recorded for a property.

Inspection Violation Cure Reminder

The specified number* of days have passed since a violation was recorded, indicating that the violation should be followed up upon in some manner.

* Specified as the CC&R's Violation Type's Days to Cure (in days).

Inspection Violation Notice Sent

A violation notice has been marked as delivered through manual, email, or no touch mailing.

Inspection Violation Notice Delivery Failure

A violation notice has been marked as delivered through email or no touch mailing, but the delivery failed.

Property Owner Violation Response Created

A property owner has responded to a violation through either or by responding to a violation notice email.

Inspection Completed

A full association inspection has been completed.

Association Due for Inspection

The specified number* of days have passed since the association has been inspected.

* Specified as association's Days between inspections.

Inspection Escalation Created

* Specified as association's Escalation Threshold.

Inspection Escalation Resolved

An escalation for a property has been marked at resolved.

Inspection Escalation Note Created

A note was added to an open escalation.

Inspection Violation Suggestion Created

A non-privileged association member has suggested a violation via

Property Ownership Change Suggested

A possible property ownership change was detected.

Property Ownership Changed

A possible property ownership change was approved, resulting in an archive of old property data.

Disabling All System Notifications

HOALife supports completely disabling all system notifications. Setting System Notifications to Off will circumvent any configured notification settings and prevent any notifications from being delivered. This has the same effect as unchecking all the notification boxes.

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