Repeat Violations

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Tracking Repeat Violations

HOALife supports tracking repeat violations of the same type within a given time frame.

Rolling Time Frame Window

Supporting 30 day, 90 day, six month, and one year rolling windows, this repeat violation tracking strategy counts any occurrence of the violation for a property within the window time frame. In plain English, this means that when a violation is recorded, we look at the property's violation history of the same type within the rolling time frame window, and add 1. No violations recorded within the rolling time window resets the occurrence count.

Contrived example given a 30 day rolling window and violations of the same type

Date Recorded

Occurrence Count

# of prior Violations in last 30 days

January 1st



January 30th



January 31st



March 3rd



March 4th



March 5th



Notifying Property Owners of Noncompliance

Violation Notices and Cover Letters

Each recorded violation for a property will generate a mail-ready violation notice, showing evidence of noncompliance such as photos of the infraction. In addition to violation notices, customizable cover letters are supported which correspond to the repeat violation count, allowing the inspector to take a more serious tone as repeat violations are entered. 

Escalation (fines, board hearings, etc.)

When a property has repeated violations exceeding a configurable limit, the property will be escalated for the corresponding violation type. Escalated violations are an opportunity to surface violations which need to be advanced to an actionable level (fines, board hearings, etc.). While an escalation is in-process, additional violations of the escalated type will not be permitted to be entered for the property.

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