Creating Architectural Request Forms

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Architectural Request Forms are a way to define the information required by your association for a property owner to successfully submit an Architectural Request.

These forms can be a single free-form "general form" input or very structured. You can define as many Architectural Request Forms as you'd like, such as one for each specific request type.

Let's create one!

  1. Access the forms by clicking on the Architecural Requests Forms menu item under the association name.

  1. From here, you can add a new for or view, edit, or destroy exisitng forms.
  1. Name your form, add a description and any desired fields. The amount of detail and precision you require for your Architectural Requests is up to you. Attach your published architectural guidelines, color pallets, etc. directly to the request form to remove ambiguity for the property owner. Fields can be required or optional.

  1. Preview your forms for accuracy and completeness.

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